Enjoy one of our packages:

There are two bike packages: Picnic with the cargobike and Family tour on a tandem.

Or you choose for a stroll: Adventure in a gipsywagon

Picnic on a cargobike

Riding with the cargo bike: an adventure for kids and parents!

You get a picnic basket filled with delicious treats from the region.

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Adventure in a gipsy wagon

You stay in a gipsy wagon in the countryside of the Meetjesland. Walk across the countryside and along the creeks. We invite you to visit one of the restaurants along the road. When you choose a local eel dish, we pay back 5 euros/person on your stay with us.

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Family bike tour along the Belgian-Dutch border.

Enjoy nature on a tandem for parent and child. The child sits on the front seat and kicks the pedals.

A little photobook leads you along 6 beautifull spots on the border  Belgium – Netherlands.

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